Who is Johnson Web Design? At JWD, we combine the passion and commitment of a local, small firm with the expansive connections and reach of a larger company. Since 2006 we have been on a mission to change the IT service industry, but we have been cruising gadget sites and design blogs since long before. You’ll find us to be a uniquely dedicated team of techs, designers, and thinkers that live to find better solutions to those nagging problems. Jason johnson tech, designer, fan-boy, nerd, and everything in between. Jason has been tinkering with technology since grade school. Even before his first laptop at age 10 (a Compaq with a whopping 10’’ screen!), his favorite way to pass the time was assembling models and erector sets and going through the 200-in-1 Projects Lab kits cover to cover. Throughout high school, Jason was an integral part of the computer lab and joined every Cisco program the school offered. He continued this commitment by earning several Microsoft and other industry certifications. Not only does he have a constant thirst for knowledge, but he prides himself on being able to explain even the most complicated technologies to the least tech-saavy clients. He brings his passion for technology and design into every job and personally works with each client.